Sometimes It Burns…

For All of You

Deep in my chest a closet is kept
Full of torches, put away as I wept
Sometimes I go there late at night
Alone, adrift, I think of what might

Have been, except for the vagaries of fate
The feelings beyond the door are intense, yet blind
Relentless, remorseless, knowing not love or hate
Sometimes it hurts, but I really don’t mind

Some still burn brightly
While others are dim
A few flare up nightly
And many, merely whims

Brilliant red flames, long lost loves and lovers
Most of these hearts now belong to others
But, there is deep heat from a few
Including the one I keep lit for you.



It has been suggested to me that this work would be much stronger if I omitted the third stanza.  Ironically, the third stanza was the catalyst for this work!  Please post any opinions you might have… I’d like to know what you think.


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