Soraia: Perfected Musical Poetitude…

Soraia is a band I found out about via YouTube.  I have been blown away ever since!  All I can say is that you need to check them out, both on YouTube, and on their official website .  Read ZouZou’s bio, read everything, listen to what’s there, and get the CD “In The Valley Of Love And Guns”, because it’s awesome.  After listening to it once, I felt I’d shared her soul.  And unwittingly shared mine with her.


My CD and stuff, addressed by ZouZou herself (were I the type to ‘squeee’, I would!)

Her lyrics have a wonderfully confessional honesty within them, and at the same time, a great sense of dare and challenge.  The band is as proficient musically as she is at the microphone, weaving a sound that reminds me of the 60’s.  Those would be, of course, the 60’s of Russ Meyer and James Coburn’s Derek Flint!

Here’s a suggested video sampling:


Love Like Voodoo

Damn Dirty Woman (the first song I heard)


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