My favorite Concept Albums

I’ve been thinking lately about my favorite concept albums… I really enjoy them. Here’s my three favorites, in order of release dates, for your entertainment and/or amusement:

1. Days Of Future Past, The Moody Blues. I listened to this on LP a million times – the variety of music, the orchestration, and the vocals are all superb.

2. Magica, Dio. Ronnie James Dio really did create magic with this one – a 20 minute spoken word history of the mythical planet Blessing,her inhabitants and heroes, as they are inundated by the evil Shadowcast and his minions. The music, vocals, and production values are simply as good as it can get. It pretty much lives in slot 3 of my Honda’s CD changer.

3. Witches, One-Eyed Doll. Witches is based on the Salem Witch Trials, and follows the history very faithfully. But what makes this so awesome is the talent of the two people who put it together, Kimberly Freeman and Junior Sewell, who comprise the entire band. The music runs the gamut from Gothic metal punk to to some of the smoothest bluesy laments you’ve ever heard, and it’s every bit as good as the other two on this list.

Honorable Mention – the fully orchestrated and narrated version of Peter And The Wolf I had as a kid… that, along with the classical music used in many old cartoons, really started me off appreciating fine sounds, independent of genre!!

#DaysOfFuturePast #MoodyBlues #Magica #Dio #Witches #OneEyedDoll #PeterAndTheWolf


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