about full circle poetry

(This is just a brief scribble, as I plan to update this page in the next week or two with something actually well-written!)

The poems posted here are written by either me, or my late wife Melissa, who died of transfusion-transmitted AIDS in 1995.  My works may be either ones written in 1995-1997, or new works.  I’ll be putting dates on the old ones to identify them.  I haven’t really decided in what order I’m going to publish them, or how often, but I suspect at least once or twice a week.  I’ve been discovering that many of my old poems ned substantial work, so I’ll be posting the evolved versions, although sometimes the originals as well, for comparison if nothing else.  Comments on each work are more than welcome.

Melissa’s story is a story worth telling, so I’ll post a bit more about her now and again.  She’s not with us anymore, and yet, in her words, she is.  Perhaps someone may find comfort in her poems.  If so, posting them will be worth it.



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